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Evolv Magic Hand Climbing Tape

MSRP: $15.00
Was: $15.00
Now: $11.25
(You save $3.75 )

Magically Sticky  

Whether you're taping up for an Indian Creek crack pitch or giving your wrist a little support for a burn on your project, Evolv's Magic Hand Climbing Tape is the sticky stuff you want in your climbing pack. This medical-grade tape is water-resistant, comfortably breathable, and sticks to itself instead of your skin. Thicker than Evolv's Magic Finger Climbing Tape, you'll use this roll for everything from split tips to making crack gloves for splitters. 


  • Medical-grade climbing tape to support you on the send 
  • 1.5" width is perfect for taping fingers 
  • Water-resistant and breathable  
  • Anti-sweat adhesive means your tape job will stay put 


  • Best use: Climbing