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Oboz Footwear

When it comes to picking footwear, all the style in the world won’t save you from uncomfortable materials, poor designs, and rubber that feels like glass. Oboz wanted to make something different entirely, they wanted something that cared more about your feet feel than how they look, so they started designing shoes and boots the way they should be, and then they built a company around it. But the Oboz story is more than one of just making great shoes for hiking and backpacking, it’s also one of stewardship. They’re busy offsetting carbon usage, giving away shoes that can’t be sold, and planting trees every time they sell a pair. In short, they’re getting their hands dirty, so you can have more trees on your next adventure. So go on, buy a pair of those Sawtooth Shoes that you’ve been eyeballing instead of reading this description and get another tree in the ground.