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Man Gear Alaska Gen2 Large Auto Chest Holster - MOS Cut


Man Gear Alaska Gen2 Large Auto Chest Holster - MOS Cut

The Gen2 MTU chest holster is designed for everyone from Rocky Mountain hikers to tactical teams across the country. With a new patent pending design, this "ultimate" chest holster will accommodate most service and standard semi-auto firearms, including those mounted with the Glock MOS. If having a lightweight and comfortable holster is as important as secured access to your sidearm, then this truly is the ultimate holster for you. 



  • Fits most service and standards semi-autos including: Glock models 17, 20, 21, 22, and 37, HK 45, S&W M&P®9
  • Accomodates the use of Glock's Modular Optics System
  • Two Mag Pouches Accommodates a Wide Variety of Magazines
  • HK Snap for Fixing Holster Onto Body
  • Cut Behind the Grip for a Smaller "Footprint" and Ease of Draw
  • HK Snap for Fixing Holster
  • 7 Gauge Wire D-rings for Lashing or Fixing the Holster onto a Pack
  • Right Hand Draw
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