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Smith Optics

If you’ve ever heard the term ChromaPop, you’ve heard of Smith Optics, and if you haven’t heard of them, you should probably order some sunglasses or goggles right now to test them out while you read this.

Do have them on? Good, now we’re talking.

Smith started in 1965 when Dr. Bob Smith needed a way to stay on the mountain longer, leading him to design ski goggles that could stay fog-free so he could snag a few extra powder runs. While their goggles have come a long way since then, the mission at Smith Optics is the same today: to keep you outside, doing what you love most whether that's skiing, snowboarding, biking, fishing, or trail running. Smith continues to push the boundaries of sports eyewear, leading from vented foam goggles to sunglasses with interchangeable lenses to the revolutionary Chromapop polarized lens technology that still reigns supreme today. But they didn’t stop at eyewear, they also added helmets to their product line as well, so you can look good, see perfectly, and stay safe all at the same time, which is what we like to call full coverage.