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Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag - Used

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All Aboard the Send Train

Doesn't matter if you're standing underneath a classic highball boulder like Ambrosia or are roping up for an onsight burn on a local test piece, it helps to have a little extra chalk and your lucky Black Diamond Mojo Zip Chalk Bag up on the wall with you. The spacious design makes it easy to get chalk when you need it most - cue the quick, short breaths, thundering heartbeat, and overly pumped forearms - while the cinch closure shuts down chalk that wants to escape into your bag, car, or storage space. An integrated loop on the side keeps your worn out old brush close at hand, so you can scrub away at all the holds before your redpoint burn and the zippered pocket has plenty of room for holding a topo map, keys, or smartphone while you're busy catching the send train. 


  • A classic chalk bag with a cylinder shape and pliable wire rim
  • Zippered pocket is perfect for keys, topo map, smartphone, or snacks
  • Cinch closure keeps chalk in its bag and not in your pack
  • Cozy fleece-lined interior
  • Brush holder keeps your tool handy
  • Webbing belt with quick-release buckle


  • Weight: [S/M] - 3 oz, [M/L] - 3.2 oz


Type: Return

Condition:  4 of 5 - This chalk was returned with a lot of lint inside the bag.  It does not look like chalk was ever used.  It has been cleaned and looks almost brand new.