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DMM Pivot Belay Device


Stay In Control

There's always that dreaded moment while belaying from above that your second falls and shouts up to you to lower them five feet so they can practice the crux moves again. In the past, it involved more rigging, a backup munter hitch, and an unstable lower, but now, with the DMM Pivot Belay Device, you can avoid the extra steps and get straight to it. Simply slip a carabiner through the small cavity in front and let the Pivot's shackle do most of the work, offering a comfortable and controlled lower. As a standard tube-style belay device, the Pivot also functions seamlessly while belaying from the hip, with built-in teeth offering increased stopping power for thin ropes, and can be spun around to provide a smooth experience while abseiling.


  • A belay and rappel device with multi-pitch on its mind
  • Classic tube-style for ultimate control on the belay
  • Pivot shackle offers superior control while lowering a second from above
  • Optimized internal geometry gives better braking power with thin ropes
  • Built-in teeth for greater friction while belaying


  • Best Use: Sport Climbing, Multi-Pitch Climbing, Trad Climbing
  • Fits Rope Sizes: [Half/Twin] - 7.3mm - 9.2mm; [Single] - 8.7mm - 11mm
  • Weight: 2.54 oz