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Wild Country Friend Camming Device

$79.95 - $99.95

The best friends in the world are reliable, trustworthy, and easy to have around, all of which fall under the umbrella of the Wild Country Friend Camming Devices. The Friend was the first cam ever made and is one that rock climbers have used and trusted for years. Using the original 13.75° camming angle combined with a single stem, double-axle design, the Friends have a massive placement range, giving you more options when you're redlining at the crux. Sandstone climbers can rejoice thanks to the wide, hot-forged aluminum lobes that offer more contact area with the rock, providing more secure placements in a sleek design that is easier on the rock. Topped off with an extendable Dyneema sling and hollow axles that reduce weight for those yearly alpine missions, these are the kind of friends that would help you move into a new apartment, drive you to the doctor, or remodel your house, that is, if they had arms.



  • Trusted since 1977, the Friend is back in a double-axle design for a better range of placements
  • Hot forged aluminum lobes are wider than ever before which offers better grip and reduces wear on the rock
  • Single stem, double-axle design maximizes placement range and allows for passive placements
  • Hollow axles cut down on weight while stiffening up the lobes themselves
  • Continuous cable design with oversized thumb loop makes them easy to handle
  • 12mm extendable Dyneema sling eliminates the need to attach a quickdraw to every piece
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Original 13.75° camming angle 
  • Pairs well with the Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiner Rackpack or Hoodwire Carabiner Rackpack


  • Stem: Single
  • Axle: Double
  • Cam Lobes: 4
  • Weight: [0.4] 2.65 oz, [0.5] 3.10 oz, [0.75] 3.59 oz, [1] 4.33 oz, [2] 5.00 oz, [3] 6.77 oz
  • Range: [0.4] 0.62-1.04 in, [0.5] 0.81-1.35 in, [0.75] 1.01-1.69 in, [1] 1.24-2.11 in, [2] 1.63-2.72 in, [3] 2.07-3.46 in
  • Strength: [0.4] 10 kN, [0.5 - 3] 12 kN doubled sling/10kN extended sling