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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line


Freshwater Quiver Killer

Not sure what the day will bring or what species to fish for? The Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line is the perfect line to get your day started. Excelling in flat, calm conditions, the Amplitude Smooth Infinity lets you land flies with delicate precision, attracting otherwise easily spooked fish. A general-purpose taper works well for trout, grayling, bass, carp, steelhead, salmon, and more, and the half-size heavy design lets you carry line if the wind picks up. When the fishing is up close and personal, the long belly gives you the control you need for a precise placement while the dry tip stops your fly from sinking, ruining a perfect cast.


  • Smooth fly line that excels in slow-moving and calm water
  • AST Plus slickness additive keeps your line slicker than ever before
  • Improved dry tip keeps your fly floating high in the water
  • Extended head for long-distance deliveries
  • Braided, multi-filament core fishes well in moderate and cold climates
  • Half-a-size heavy for fast actions rods
  • Welded loops offer easy attachment


  • Best Use: River Fishing, Still Water Fishing
  • Grain Weight: [WF-4] - 130g; [WF-5] - 150g; [WF-6] - 175g; [WF-8] - 225g
  • Head Length: [WF-4] - 48'; [WF-5] - 49'; [WF-6] - 50'; [WF-8] - 52' 
  • Length: 90'
  • Line Type: Floating