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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line


Zero Limits

Designed to precisely place everything from dainty dry flies to burly streamers, the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity Fly Line may be the most versatile freshwater fly line ever made. It’s built with SA’s AST Plus slickness additive, which works in concert with the Shooting Texture applied to the belly and running line, giving you more distance, less drag, and the durability to stay slick long after lesser lines have worn out. The result is a line that covers pretty much all of your bases, and lasts longer in the process, minimizing the need for multiple setups and ensuring reliability for the most committed fly fishermen.


  • Textured fly line for just about all of your freshwater fishing
  • Floating taper front helps line float higher on the water's surface
  • Shooting texture on body reduces drag while casting
  • AST Plus slickness additive keeps your line slicker than ever before
  • 3/4-of-a-line-size to load rods quickly
  • General purpose taper accommodates a wide range of fly types
  • Heavy-for-size design works especially well with fast-action rods
  • Welded loops for easy line attachment


  • Line Type: Floating  
  • Best Use: Freshwater Fly Fishing
  • Grain Weight: [WF-4-F] - 130g; [WF-5-F] - 150g; [WF-6-F] - 175g; [WF-7-F] - 200g; [WF-8-F] - 225g
  • Head Length: [WF-4-F] - 48.0'; [WF-5-F] - 49.0'; [WF-6-F] - 50.0'; [WF-7-F] - 51'; [WF-8-F]; 52'
  • Total Length: 90'