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Buying Guide: Hestra Glove Liners and Heated Gloves

Buying Guide: Hestra Glove Liners and Heated Gloves

Posted by Garson Fields on 13th Dec 2023

If you own a pair of Hestra gloves or mittens, you know that the Swedish brand is synonymous with hand crafted gloves of superior quality. During the winter months, there’s a good chance that there’s a pair of Hestras on our hands keeping us warm. But on the coldest days, Hestra glove and mitten liners will help you get more warmth, without having to buy a new pair that you’ll rarely use.

There is a catch though. You’ll need to make sure your gloves have enough room to fit glove liners inside. You’ll want a fair bit of wiggle room for all your fingers. If you’re not sure, you might want to try a bigger pair of gloves to wear over your liners.

For maximum versatility, we like the regular liners, since they do double duty as contact gloves for grabbing frozen items. 

If you’re looking for the absolute most warmth you can get, keep scrolling to learn about Hestra heated glove liners.

Liner Gloves

A skier stops to check his phone wearing Hestra glove liners

Touch Point Warmth Liner

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, start here. These synthetic liners strike a nice balance between being substantial enough to add real warmth, without being too bulky and compromising your grip. Plus, like all of Hestra’s Touch Point liners, they’re touch screen compatible, so you won’t have to take them off to send a text or snap a photo.

Touch Point Active

When you want a bit more warmth but you don’t want to overdo it, these are your best bet. They’re a bit thinner than the Touch Point Warmth, which means they won’t trap quite as much body heat, making them perfect when you’re working up a sweat. They also double as an ideal thin glove for running or starting the car on a cold morning.

Merino Touch Point Liner

If you’re going to be wearing your liners for a few days in a row between washes, look no further. Thanks to the merino blend fabric, these wick sweat, dry quickly, and they’re way more resistant to developing unpleasant odors in between washings. If you’re already a seasoned wearer or merino, we won’t need to convince you that these are worth the slightly higher asking price.

Touch Point Fleece

Need the warmest liners you can get without going heated? These are what you’re after. The fleece material adds extra loft, which retains more body heat. Plus, they wick sweat efficiently, which keeps clammy hands from cooling you down.


A photographer takes a photo outside with camera mounted on a tripod wearing Hestra glove liners

Tactility Heat 5 Finger Liner

For sub zero ski and snowboard days, these are worth their weight in gold. They’re the thinnest of Hestra’s heated glove liners, which means they stand the best chance of fitting under the gloves or mittens you’re already wearing. And thanks to the rechargeable battery pack, these will last from first chair to last, then you can juice them up overnight while your gear dries out. Like all of Hestra’s heated glove liners, these warm your fingers, not just the backs of your hands, so if you’re looking for something better than chemical hand warmer packets, these are just the ticket.

Heated Glove Liners

These are big and burly, which makes them perfect for the coldest days, but it also means you’ll want to wear a true shell glove (anything that shipped with a removable liner glove should be fine, as long as they fit you.) Heating elements run down the backs of the fingers, so your whole hand will be warm, not just the back of your hand. If you’re chronically cold and looking for the solution, these should absolutely be a part of your winter clothing system.

Heated Mitten Liners

These are exactly like the Heated Glove Liners described above, only these are shaped like mittens for use in, you guessed it, mittens. The same consideration applies regarding fit — since these are fairly bulky, you’ll want to pair these with a true shell-style mitten that originally shipped with a removable liner.

Power Heater Glove

Heated liners are perfect for cold conditions, but what if you’re truly cold all the time? The Hestra Power Heater Glove was made for you. Since the shell is heated, these are much less bulky than even the Tactility Heated Liner paired with most shell gloves, and that means you’ll enjoy better dexterity when grabbing ski poles, door handles, and whatever else you need to grasp. The leather and synthetic construction is built to withstand daily use on the mountain without skipping a beat. With a pair of these charged up in your ski bag, you can be sure that cold hands won’t be a problem, even when Mother Nature wants to press the issue.


A man and a woman walk towards the camera with a mountainous backdrop wearing outdoor gear including Hestra gloves

Whether you’re just looking to take the bite out of brisk days, or you need serious warmth so you can enjoy the outdoors, Hestra has an option here that has you covered. And if you’re not sure which size to get, check out these helpful  Hestra glove sizing tips.

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