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Gear Review: Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier Backpack

Gear Review: Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Child Carrier Backpack

Posted by Kris Reynolds on 11th Aug 2022

Hiking with your little one is a great way to introduce them to the outdoors while also getting in some exercise and family time. And when your kiddo isn’t big enough to handle hiking on their own, a quality child carrier backpack becomes a key part of the equation, especially if you want to do any mileage. After spending the spring hauling my little peanut around in other hiking carrier packs, it was time to strap her into the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro and hit the trails to see what all the hype was about. Here’s what I found:

Child Safety & Comfort

These two factors take priority for me when selecting anything that carries my child. They’re also the reason I believe this carrier is worth the asking price.

The child cockpit is what really sets the Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier pack apart from any other I’ve used. The adjustable 5-point safety harness is easy to operate and adjust, while the padded straps will keep your child comfortably locked in throughout the day. But the key differentiator is the generous padding on the sides once you have your child completely clipped in. Combining large wings on the chin pad and side flaps with a high back design, the KC Pro creates 360 degrees of padding around your child, giving you peace of mind when they’re asleep and you’re only halfway down the trail.

Other standout features include adjustable stirrups to keep them sitting ergonomically, a foldable kickstand to help with loading and unloading, and an integrated sunroof that stows easily in a zippered pocket on top.

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Parent Comfort

Deuter has been making backpacks since 1898, and you can feel the quality the moment you put on the Deuter Kid Comfort Child Carrier. The first thing you notice is the comfort of the harness. This kid carrier utilizes Deuter’s Aircomfort Sensic Vario back system, which easily adjusts to accommodate different user heights, along with a mesh back panel to promote airflow and help prevent unnecessary sweating. The shape of the shoulder straps fit nicely on both myself and my wife, and there’s plenty of padding to help you avoid hot spots after a long day on the trail.

The next design feature that really impressed me is the sheer size and amount of padding in the hip belt. It is massive in comparison to any other pack I’ve tried and adds a whole other level of comfort while you’re loaded down and on the move.

Pro Tip: The key to getting a perfect setup is to start before you head out on the trail. It’s much easier to make adjustments without a child in the pack. Take a few minutes in the living room to set it up properly before your first hike and you should find that you’ll only need to make minor tweaks, if any, to get a ride that’s safe and comfortable for both you and your child.

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro

Carry & Stability

The last thing that stood out to me is just how comfortable and stable the Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier feels on your back when loaded up and properly adjusted. The load adjuster straps above the shoulders help you pull your child closer to you, which makes the backpack feel like it’s a part of you. Having the pack move with you saves you energy on longer walks and is confidence-inspiring when you’re tackling steep or loose terrain.


The 12-liter built-in storage isn’t overwhelming but has ample room for your standard day hiking needs like snacks, sunscreen, diapers, wipes, and a water bladder if you choose to carry one. It also includes a 10L removable day pack to allow you to almost double your carry capacity or split the load with your partner. If you’re rolling solo and need extra storage, the daypack can also be strapped to your shoulder straps in the front and carried as a sternum pack. 

Key Features

  • Can be adjusted for both parents
  • Fully adjustable cockpit and harness ensure safety and comfort for your child
  • The wraparound padded wings in the child cockpit are soft and cozy for when they fall asleep
  • The integrated sunroof is easily deployed and keeps your child from getting sunburned on longer outings
  • Ultra-padded shoulder straps and hip fins are extremely comfortable for the wearer
  • This pack is shockingly stable when properly adjusted
  • The entire back system is ventilated to promote airflow and increase breathability
  • The kickstand allows you to set down the pack without having to worry about it tipping over
  • Hydration compatible
  • Specs

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Weight: 8 lbs 4 oz
  • Fits: 15" - 21" Torso Length
  • Fits Waist: 24" - 54"
  • Weight Capacity: 48.5 lbs
  • Volume: 22 Liter
  • Size: 17” x 13” x 31”
  • Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Review: Conclusion

    The key to spending time with the family outdoors is to make it enjoyable for everyone. In my opinion, the Kid Comfort Pro checks all the boxes for what you need in a child carrier pack. Its high back design and 360 degrees of padding set it far above the rest for child comfort, including the Osprey Poco, and the comfort of the shoulder straps and hip belt are unrivaled in this category. The top-quality child harness and buckling system will also allow mom to enjoy the day instead of worrying about the safety of her child. If you’re in the market for a backpack to carry your most precious cargo, the KC Pro should be at the top of your list.

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