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You may think that all you need to know about Eureka! is the fact that they're the only company rad enough to put an exclamation point at the end of their name, but there's a lot more to the brand than that. Established in 1895 as a custom canvas shop, it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about fabrics, with well over a century in the business. Eureka! gained popularity during World War II, making hundreds of tents for hospital wards and creating awnings for returned G.I.’s. It wasn’t until the early 60s that they decided to dabble in camping tents, outfitting America’s first Everest expedition in 1963 and then following it up with the creation of the world's first backpacking tent in the Timberline. Since then, Eureka! has gone on to make some of the best price-point camping and backpacking tents on the market for both 3-season and winter camping.

Their designs have proven themselves in the toughest elements on the planet, helped our soldiers when they needed it most, and America in reaching the summit of the tallest peak in the world, let’s see your tent brand say the same.