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Jetboil Flash Cooking System - Used

MSRP: $99.95
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Redesigned to be faster and more efficient than previous models, the Jetboil Flash​ has become sleeker and sexier than ever. It still has the same 1 liter volume, push-button igniter, and thermochromatic heat indicator, but now features new designs to improve handling and functionality. With the click of the igniter, you can have two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal in a blistering 100 seconds. On and off handling is now easier via the improved vessel connection and the lid was also revised for better fit and functionality. These changes shave an entire minute off of their fastest boil time and have made the Flash the fastest stove in the Jetboil line.


  • 1 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy
  • New and improved easy on and off vessel connection
  • New and improved lid for better fit and function
  • New ergonomic design for easy hold and start
  • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
  • Thermochromatic color-change heat indicator
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer
  • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
  • Compatible accessories include Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, Pot Support, FluxRing Fry Pan, FluxRing Cooking Pot and Utensils
  • Able to store a 100g Jetpower fuel can
  • Fuel Canister Stabilizer included
  • Pot Support and Jetpower fuel sold separately


  • Weight: 13.1 oz (371 g)
  • Power: 9,000 BTU/h
  • Volume: 32 fl oz (1 Liter)
  • Boil Time: 100 sec per 16 oz (1/2 Liter)
  • Water Boiled: 10 Liters per 100g JetPower Can
  • Dimensions: 7.1" x 4.1" (104 mm x 180 mm)
  • Serves: 1-2 People

Type: Return

Condition: 5 of 5 - This stove is new without tags or original packaging