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Jetboil Stash Cooking System


Seeing Is Believing

They say if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But this time, Jetboil set out to prove them wrong. Meet the Jetboil Stash, a camp stove that saves space in your pack, weighs 40% less than any other Jetboil stove on the market, and cooks up complex camp meals to perfection. How? We’re glad you asked. Starting with a minimalist standalone stove, Jetboil added a .8-liter, aluminum FluxRing cup which conveniently stores your fuel can, stove, fuel stabilizer, and lighter inside. To drop this stove into the ultralight category, they made it out of titanium, dropping nearly half the weight off of the fan-favorite Jetboil Flash, making it one of the lightest-weight backpacking stoves on the market. And since you need versatility when you’re in the backcountry, they made the stove compatible with nearly any cook pot in your kit and threw in a fuel-regulator that lets you choose how much heat you need to cook up your favorite backcountry banquet.


  • Ultralight backpacking stove for campers who don't like to wait around
  • Stand-alone titanium stove with a fuel regulator that lets you go from simmer to boil
  • .8L FluxRing cook pot maximizes cooking efficiency
  • Nesting design offers the packability you need on trail
  • Built-in pour handle lets you strain camp meals with ease
  • Conveniently stores a 100g Jetpower Fuel Can (sold separately)
  • Fuel Can Stabilizer - Included

Compatible Accessories (Sold Separately)


  • Weight: 7.1 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.1" x 4.4"
  • Best Use: Backpacking, Camping
  • Power: 4,500 BTU/h
  • Volume: 27 fl oz
  • Boil Time: 2.5 mins per 16 oz
  • Fuel Regulator: Yes
  • Water Boiled: 12 Liters per 100g JetPower Can
  • Serves: 1-2 People

8pt.jpg Important Warning for California Residents: For more information go to