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NEMO Flyer Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

$139.95 - $159.95

Sweet Dreams

A little extra cushion goes a long way when you're sleeping in the dirt, and the NEMO Flyer Sleeping Pad has more than just a little. The Flyer blends the lightweight nature and packability of a standard inflatable air mattress with the durability and support offered by foam designs, for a camping pad that will make you forget that you're not at home in bed. Starting with an open-cell construction, NEMO cored out horizontal baffles, reducing the weight by more than half, which then fill up with air quickly and easily thanks to the zero-profile valve. With a certified 3.3 R value rating, this is a perfect sleeping pad for 3 season camping pursuits.


  • The comfort of an air mattress meets the durability of open-cell foam
  • 3D sculpting removes 60% of the foam but allows pad thickness to increase by 290% when inflated
  • Progressive support design offers deluxe comfort and unbeatable support
  • Horizontal coring removes unnecessary foam, reducing weight while retaining a high R-value
  • Open cell foam provides a backup in case of a puncture or tear on the trail
  • Laylow valve provides lightning fast inflation and deflation
  • Added silicone print on the bottom keeps the pad in place


  • Shape: Rectangular
  • R-Value: 3.3
  • Best Use: Backpacking
  • Dimensions: [Regular] - 72" x 20" x 2"; [Regular Wide] - 72" x 25" x 2"; [Long Wide] - 76" x 25" x 2"
  • Packed Size: [Regular] - 10" x 6.5"; [Regular Wide] - 12" x 6.5"; [Long Wide] - 12" x 8"
  • Packed Weight: [Regular] - 1 lb 7 oz; [Regular Wide] - 1 lb 13 oz; [Long Wide] - 1 lb 15 oz