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Exped Widget Electric Sleeping Pad Pump


Pump It Up

If you’ve had your fill of blowing up your sleeping pad, the Exped Widget Electric Sleeping Pad Pump is here to save you the hassle on your next camping trip. This handy little device uses an integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery to power a fan that inflates your Exped sleeping pad in a snap. Not only does it save you huffing and puffing, it also ensures that you won’t be blowing damp air into your sleeping pad, which can cause mold to set up shop. Plus, it also doubles as a handy lamp, and can be used to charge your phone or other personal electronic devices.


  • The easiest way to inflate your Exped sleeping pad
  • Avoids pumping damp air into your pad, where it can harbor mold
  • Integrated 100 lumen lamp makes it easy to set up camp in the dark
  • 3600 mAh powerbank lets you charge your phone in a pinch


  • Weight: 6 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3"
  • Battery: Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Included)