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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Fly Line


Nail the Presentation

New ideas, novel designs, and fly fishing all share one thing in common — presentation is key. One misstep and you miss hooking your audience and drawing them in. While Scientific Anglers can't help you with your business presentations, they can give you a leg up when it comes to casting with the Amplitude Trout Fly Line. This floating fly line features a compound taper that lets you achieve subtle deliveries with even the largest dry flies, small nymphs, and streamers. A weight-forward design pairs well with the AST Plus slickness additive, letting the line shoot farther and easily shedding dirt and grime you may have picked up throughout the day.


  • Trout-specific fly line for pin-point presentations
  • AST Plus slickness additive keeps your line slicker than ever before
  • Floating Texture on the tip traps air for superior flotation and roll casting
  • Shooting Texture running line lets you cast farther
  • Braided, multi-filament core fishes well in any weather
  • Compound taper turns over large, dry flies with ease
  • Welded loops offer easy attachment


  • Best Use: River Fishing, Stillwater Fishing
  • Grain Weight: [WF-3] - 100g; [WF-4] - 120g; [WF-5] - 140g; [WF-6] - 160g; [WF-7] - 185g
  • Head Length: [WF-3] - 64'; [WF-4] - 66'; [WF-5] - 68'; [WF-6] - 70'; [WF-7] - 72'
  • Length: 90'
  • Line Type: Floating