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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth MPX Trout Floating Fly Line


Perfect Your Presentation

Designed to be the the absolute best smooth fly line on earth, the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth MPX Trout Fly Line makes it easy to get perfect presentations. It’s built a half-size heavy with more mass toward the front of the head, giving you a perfect blend of power and finesse. And since it’s treated with AST Plus slickness additive, you’re getting faster shooting and far better longevity than traditional fly lines. If you’re after a superior floating smooth line, look no further.


  • Perhaps the world’s finest high-performance smooth fly line
  • Weighted half a size heavy to load fast action rods
  • AST Plus slickness additive reduces drag to shoot farther


  • Line Type: Floating
  • Best Use: Large Dry Flies, Nymphs, Streamers
  • Water Conditions: Cold to Medium
  • Grain Weight: [165 Grain/4-5 WT] - 165; [185 Grain/5-6 WT] - 185; [210 Grain/6-7 Wt] - 210
  • Head Length: [165 Grain/4-5 WT] - 29’; [185 Grain/5-6 WT] - 29’; [210 Grain/6-7 Wt] - 29’
  • Sink Tip Length: [165 Grain/4-5 WT] - 13.5’; [185 Grain/5-6 WT] - 13.5’; [210 Grain/6-7 Wt] - 14.5’
  • Length: 105’ (all sizes)