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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Fly Line


Creek Master

When you’re hunting for trout in small creeks surrounded by dense vegetation, the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Creek Trout Fly Line comes into its own. The combination of a short head design and a full size heavy construction delivers pinpoint accuracy for shorter casts and heavier flies. It also gets SA’s AST Plus slickness additive, which reduces friction dramatically, and unlike competing friction reduction technologies, it lasts the entire life of the fly line. For short, precise casts, this is the line you want rigged up to your rod.


  • Smooth fly line for fishing tight creek conditions
  • AST Plus slickness additive reduces friction and enhances durability
  • Floating taper front helps line float higher on the water's surface
  • Short head design works best for short to medium casts
  • Full size heavy design works great for heavy flies
  • Welded loops for easy line attachment


  • Line Type: Floating  
  • Best Use: Freshwater Fly Fishing
  • Grain Weight: [WF-4-F] - 140g; [WF-5-F] - 160g; [WF-6-F] - 185g
  • Head Length: [WF-4-F] - 23.0'; [WF-5-F] - 24.0'; [WF-6-F] - 25.0'
  • Total Length: 90'