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Buying Guide: Picking the Right Hestra Winter Gloves

Buying Guide: Picking the Right Hestra Winter Gloves

Posted by Garson Fields on 18th Dec 2020

If you're reading this, you know that Hestra is synonymous with extremely durable, high quality gloves and mittens. What you may not know is just how many models you have to choose from. The breadth of options means there’s a glove that’s perfect for you, but it can also be overwhelming trying to pick the right one.

It's tricky to discern the minute differences, and the challenge is compounded by shopping online, where important details can easily be overlooked. That's why we've highlighted Hestra's most popular winter models, as well as the factors you need to consider when shopping for a pair.


Start with how and where you’ll be wearing your new gloves. Skiing or snowboarding at the resort places a different set of demands on gloves than backcountry touring or mountaineering. The high altitude and dry air of the Rocky Mountains call for different gear than you’ll want for the wetter, warmer Pacific Northwest. Once you’ve defined where you’ll be wearing them and what you’ll be doing, narrowing down your choices becomes much easier.

Left: skier climbs a bootpack. Center: skier mid turn. Left: close up of gloves worn in a off hill setting


If you struggle with cold hands or you need gloves for frigid weather, look for the warmest glove you can get your hands on. However, if you’re looking for an everyday ski or snowboard glove, it’s possible to be too warm, particularly on spring days. Casual use can span the entire spectrum. Of course, your personal tolerance for cold makes a big difference.

Close up of putting bindings on a splitboard

Weather Resistance

Waterproof gloves sound like an obvious choice, but they aren’t always the right pick. Dry hands are essential for comfort, and depending on the conditions, waterproof gloves might not actually help you stay dry.

Gloves that are waterproof and breathable get those properties from a membrane that's sandwiched between the shell and the liner of the glove. Even the most breathable waterproof gloves will hold in more sweat than gloves without a membrane.

For high altitude environments that tend to be cold and dry, a weather-resistant glove without a membrane can actually be the best tool for the job. If you’re mountaineering, ice flows and unpredictable weather make a waterproof-breathable membrane essential. The same goes for spring conditions and lower altitudes where slush and wet snow are a constant factor.


Gripping ski poles and opening doors don’t require nimble fingers. Tying knots and operating equipment are a different story. Mountaineers and mountain ops would be wise to choose gloves designed to maximize dexterity.

Using a snow crystal card and magnifier while wearing Hestra gloves

Cuff Style

A gauntlet that fits over your jacket is great for blocking out spindrift and powder, especially if you’re pulling on ice axes or climbing ladders. For resort use, it’s mostly a matter of preference. When in doubt, take a look at your jacket and determine whether it will easily fit over a glove.

Left: skier pulls jacket over glove cuffs. Right: Using a snow crystal card while wearing over cuff gloves

Gloves, Mittens, or 3 Finger

Although some models are only available as gloves, many are also available in a mitten option, which will benefit from better thermal efficiency. A handful are offered in a 3 finger design that splits the difference, offering the warmth of mittens while freeing your index finger for tasks like adjusting your ski boots or strapping into a snowboard.



A snowboarder lays a deep toeside turn

Freeride CZone

The Freeride series takes premium features like a supple leather shell with flex panels and synthetic G-Loft insulation, and adds Hestra’s waterproof-breathable CZone liner, making them perfectly suited to damp climates and wet snow.

Hestra Freeride CZone Glove Hestra Freeride CZone 3 Finger Glove Hestra Freeride CZone Mitt

Vertical Cut CZone

Although the padded fingers and back evoke Hestra’s ski racing gloves, the Vertical Cut series is perfectly suited to busting through tree branches on the way to your favorite stash. The waterproof-breathable CZone liner and synthetic G-Loft insulation give you the protection and warmth necessary for winter storms.

Hestra Vertical Cut CZone Glove Hestra Vertical Cut CZone 3 Finger Glove blank space for layout

CZone Pointer

If you’re looking to experience Hestra quality at a more approachable asking price, the Pointer series is the right place to look. You’ll get a durable goat leather palm mated to an APPAS Polyester back that’s windproof, breathable, and highly water resistant. The synthetic insulation and waterproof-breathable CZone insert keep you protected from wet snow and slush, while the zippered pockets on top make it easy to add hand warmers on frigid days.

Hestra CZone Pointer Glove Hestra CZone Pointer 3 Finger Glove Hestra CZone Pointer Mitt
Hestra CZone Pointer Short Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Everyday Water Resistant

A skier touring through a forest

Fall Line

Despite its flexible feel, the Fall Line’s leather shell is durable enough to withstand multiple seasons of regular use. Padded knuckles provide protection from stray branches, while flex panels enhance dexterity for strapping into snowboard bindings or adjusting ski boot buckles. The Bemberg polyester lining and foam insulation make these a smart choice for daily wear all season long.

Hestra Fall Line Glove Hestra Fall Line 3 Finger Glove Hestra Fall Line Mitt


Underneath the clean and classic leather shell, the Omni series packs synthetic G-Loft insulation and a brushed polyester lining, which pulls moisture away from your hands, keeping you dry so your hands won’t freeze. The simplified construction makes these a great value for those wanting a rugged glove without a waterproof lining.

Hestra Omni Glove Hestra Omni Mitt blank space for layout


The Wakayama gloves let you flash some old school style without having to resort to your vintage onesie. The glove is perfect for mild days, as the leather shell is mated to a wool terry lining, adding a bit more warmth than you’d expect from a non-insulated option. The mitten gets beefed up with PrimaLoft® Gold synthetic insulation, making it better suited to mid-season use.

Hestra Wakayama Glove Hestra Wakayama Mitt blank space for layout

Heavy Duty

A skier turning in deep snow

Army Leather GORE-TEX

The Army series represents Hestra’s most durable winter gloves, and this GORE-TEX version adds the famed waterproof-breathable membrane to the equation. The combination is incredibly potent for daily professional-grade use, especially in maritime snowpacks where wet snow is a constant.

Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX Glove Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX 3 Finger Glove Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX Mitt
Hestra Army Leather GORE-TEX Short Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Army Leather Patrol

The Army Leather Patrol family is ideal for environments that are colder and drier, like the high elevation mountain west. It skips the waterproof-breathable membrane, and retains the Army goat leather palm material, which is invaluable for those who put their gloves through the wringer, day in and day out.

Hestra Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet Glove Hestra Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet Mitt blank space for layout
Hestra Army Leather Patrol Gauntlet Women’s Glove Hestra Army Leather Patrol Women’s Gauntlet Mitt blank space for layout
Hestra Army Leather Patrol Female Glove Hestra Army Leather Patrol Female Mitt blank space for layout

Cold Conditions

A skier digs a snow pit in Hestra gloves

Power Heater

For days when no amount of insulation will keep you warm, the Power Heater adds rechargeable battery-powered hand warmers to the equation. The goat leather palm is incredibly rugged, while the Flextron 4-way stretch softshell is flexible enough to give this burly glove an easy grip on ski poles.

Hestra Power Heater Glove Hestra Army Power Heater Mitt blank space for layout

Army Leather Extreme

Designed specifically for the world’s coldest places, this is Hestra’s warmest non battery-powered offering. Given its intended use, it’s only available as a mitten, and it’s built with the same durability as the rest of Hestra’s Army Leather series, which makes it a natural choice for expedition use.

Hestra Army Leather Extreme Mitt blank space for layout blank space for layout

Army Leather Heli Ski

These have earned a reputation for warmth and durability, which is why they’re trusted by mountain guides and outdoor professionals the world over. If you need to crank up the heat even further, Hestra offers a wool glove liner or mitten liner (sold separately) that brings these very close to the warmth of the Army Leather Extreme mitten.

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski 3 Finger Glove Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Mitt

Alpine Climbing/Mountain Work

Using a snow saw to examine the snow pack in a snow pit

Leather Heli Ski GTX + GORE Grip Technology Glove

Adding a waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX liner and GORE Grip technology to the Heli equation, these are extremely weather resistant and offer enhanced dexterity, making them one of the finest gloves available for mountaineering use.

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski GTX + GORE Grip Technology Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Ergo Grip Incline

The warmest of the Ergo Grip family, these insulated gloves are perfect for mid season touring and other applications where a precise grip is critical to success.

Hestra Ergo Grip Incline Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Ergo Grip Active

The addition of a polyester liner makes these non-insulated gloves a great choice for those who run hot, or as a low profile option for mild spring days.

Hestra Ergo Grip ActiveGlove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Ergo Grip Tactility

With no insulation or liner, these windproof gloves will shrug off weather, but won’t provide much warmth. That makes them perfect for warm spring days and high output ascents on the skin track.

Hestra Ergo Grip Tactility Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout


Adjusting shoes while wearing Hestra gloves

Elk Utsjo

Perfect for cold days, the Elk Utsjo glove packs PrimaLoft® Gold insulation and a knit cuff to keep out cold winds. The elk leather shell is supple to start and breaks in nicely, making for a pair of winter gloves that’s classy and long-lasting.

Hestra Elk Utsjo Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

Deerskin Lambsfur

The combination of soft deerskin leather and lambskin lining, plus some tasteful details, give these gloves a luxurious feel that’s great for milder days. The handcrafted quality ensures that they’re built to last a lifetime.

Hestra Deerskin Lambsfur Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout


Perfect for cool and damp climates, these gloves pair a supple elk leather shell with a wool terry lining that wicks moisture and provides a touch of warmth. The drawcord wrist closure gives these a classic look that will keep getting better with time.

Hestra Granvik Glove blank space for layout blank space for layout

In Closing

Although this only scratches the surface of Hestra's offerings, the options outlined here should give you a useful starting point when shopping for Hestra gloves.

With this list, plus our sizing guide, How to Size Your Hestra Gloves and Mittens, you should be able to find the perfect gloves in the right size, the first time.

If you have questions about a different model, or you simply want a second opinion before choosing a pair for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the shop. We’re always here to help.

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