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Posted by Collin B. on 9th Dec 2016

Big Agnes Ice House Hoodie for Kids

I went to pick my 2.5 year-old up at daycare a few weeks ago and realized after watching he and his friends sledding down the half snow/half mud hill out back that it was time for him to get a new winter coat. His "old" coat was only a year old and had only been worn for maybe a month this last spring and it was already to short, beat up, ripped and the "puff" had seemed to disappear.

As I buckled my shivering kid into his car seat I decided it was time to upgrade his gear and I knew exactly where to look. I have had a Big Agnes Shovelhead jacket for years and I LOVE it. Simply put, it's the warmest, most comfortable jacket I have ever owned and it has stood up to everything. As an outfitter and plain old outdoor-lover, I spend my work days and my days off outside during all four seasons doing everything from fishing and hunting to hiking, camping, skiing and everything in between. Well, my kiddo is no different. He loves to be outside no matter the weather and because of that he needs the same quality gear as I do to make sure he stays warm, comfortable and dry. Thanks to the Downtek water repellant down in them, all the criteria is met and then some. 

I bought him the Big Agnes Kids Ice House Hoodie and it is the best jacket I have ever found for my outdoor-loving son. One of the best features of the coat is that the arms and torso are longer than most other puffy coats, which is perfect for my son who has a long torso just like me. Other jackets (even at 2 and 1/2 years old) have always come up short on him, and noticeably other kids too. The Ice House Hoodie is long where it needs to be for active kids but fits perfectly - he wears the XXS (for 3-5 yrs old) and it fits like his 3T shirts spot on. 

BA Xmas Tree

The coat is amazingly warm without being bulky, so his outdoor playtime hasn't been interrupted and our family Christmas Tree hunt was one for the ages! Finally, the hood is perfect for him and toddlers alike, particularly when they won't keep their hats on! 

My wife and I welcomed our newest little boy to the family two weeks ago and I have no doubt that he'll be getting his first BA coat a lot sooner than his older brother. For now, it's my wife's turn and we just got her a new Big Agnes Long Draw Parka and it's everything for her that my son's and my jacket are: perfect fitting, no-bulk, comfortable and warm! Not to mention she loves the mid-thigh length and everyday style.