Icebreaker - Sustainable Merino Wool Outdoor Clothing & Apparel | Campman


Icebreaker wool is about a lot more than turning a profit. It’s about turning a natural material, merino wool, into high-quality clothing and apparel that outperforms synthetic fibers in every way. Icebreaker has succeeded in becoming a leader in the outdoor industry thanks to the natural properties of merino like bacterial resistance, unparalleled temperature regulation, and best of all, being soft and comfortable to the touch, making it wool that you actually want to wear. From the best baselayers that money can buy to insulated puffy jackets to gloves and hats, Icebreaker has you covered from head to toe when the temperature drops.

The founder of Icebreaker, Jeremy Moon also wanted to base his company around a sustainable resource, which is a part of the company’s philosophy today in how they conduct their business operations through every step of their process, from individual sheep farms to the factories they work with to build their products. By putting their philosophy of sustainability to the test with every product they make, and by creating products from renewable resources that come from Mother Nature herself, Icebreaker continues to push a legacy of making products that feel good, inside and out.