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Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight

$99.95 - $129.95

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Go Lighter, Climb Higher

Sick of heinous runouts because your partner didn't want to lug up the extra #4 to the base of the tower? Feel free to take the extra gear yourself with the Black Diamond Camalot Ultralight camming devices. These ultralight cams shave 25% off of the world famous Camalot C4 thanks to sculpted lobes and a Dyneema cord in place of the cable throughout the cam itself giving you a cam that feels as light as air for long approaches with all the same strength and toughness you have come to rely on. With the same color-coded design, these cams will play well with your old rack of gear and the double-axle design gives you the maximum placement range possible while still allowing you to place the cam as a piece of passive protection when necessary. So next time your buddy wants to go light, hand him an extra rack of these bad boys so you can move fast and still have enough gear for the climbs ahead.


  • The most well-known and trusted camming device on the market is now 25% lighter
  • Single stem, double-axle design maximizes placement range
  • Continuous cable design with oversized thumb loop makes them easy to handle
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Pairs well with the Black Diamond Litewire Rackpack or Miniwire Rackpack


  • Best Use: Trad Climbing, Aid Climbing
  • Stem: Single
  • Axle: Double
  • Cam Lobes: 4
  • Weight: [0.4] 2.15 oz, [0.5] 2.61 oz, [0.75] 3.14 oz, [1] 3.56 oz, [2] 4.44 oz, [3] 5.89 oz, [4] 7.94 oz
  • Range: [0.4] 0.61-1.04 in, [0.5] 0.77-1.32 in, [0.75] 0.94-1.62 in, [1] 1.19-2.05 in, [2] 1.46-2.55 in, [3] 2.00-3.46 in, [4] 2.60-4.51 in
  • Strength: [0.4] 8 kN, [0.5] 10 kN, [0.75 - 4] 12 kN